We are specialist assets management firm that intends to manage funds across the risk spectrum for the sophisticated investor(s). We think deeply and independently-constantly pursuing excellence.

The range of complimenting fund will be managed by highly skilled professionals who apply thinking to ignite investment opportunities in changing markets.


We intend to invest in primary viable and bankable projects, coupled with buying investments that are priced well below their intrinsic values and avoid those that we believe are overpriced. Because the future is never certain, we will always strive to think more deeply, to be more alert, and to work harder at making investment grow.

The firm’s aim to always been to offer exemplary investment performance and service to our clients.


We align our interest with those of our investors and partners for lasting impact.


  • Private Equity: The target is to provide the strategic resources that build great companies that can grow and help them thrive.
  • Credit: Approach to invest up and down the capital structure and across the full spectrum of credit strategies.
  • Venture: Provision of capital for seed through growth equity investment and we bring a nuanced understanding of market and unique global network to our long-term partnership with disruptive B2B founders.
  • REAL ESTATE: To develop real estate investment businesses underpinned by compelling secular themes and drives operational improvement to accelerate income growth.
  • Clean Energy/Renewable Energy:
  • Mining: Smart mining using greening method.
  • Agriculture:
  • Manufacturing:


We will take drastic and constructive measures in managing investors ‘ fund. Responsible investing is our core firm’s value. We are simply in aggressive drive to enrich lives and protect our future.Responsible investing makes excellent business instinct. This can reduce risk and brings in better result or outcome for all the stakeholders involve.

  • E- ENVIRONMENTAL: The action we embark upon presently will surely affect us and our environment. Therefore, we will always strive to take decision that will protect and preserve our mother earth.
  • S- SOCIAL: The firm believe everybody, regardless of gender, colour, disability, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, ideology and nationality, deserves respect, equal participation, equity, inclusion, safe working condition and free human right
  • G-GOVERNANCE: We intend to adopt alignment of interest, fair compensation, transparency and accountability which are important to generating long-term, sustainable performance.


We aim to enrich lives and protect the futures. There has been no mammoth threat to the collective features of our investors and beneficiaries during our life time than those brought about by climate change.


Walexi is in support of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and its goal of reducing global warming to below 2°Centigrade above pre-industrial levels. The effects of warming above this limit will be catastrophy for greater portion of the earth and its inhabitants .We aim to direct our 8nvestment activities with a transition to the lower carbon economy needed to meet the goals of the agreement where possible but abd necessary.


Equity Investment   

  • Focus on small and mid-sized investment.
  • Provide access to direct equity/Co investments at preferential fees and terms versus traditional buyout fund.
  • Using different platform to drive unique and differentiated deal flow and access for our investor(s).


  • Emphasizing assets quality by targeting defensible market-leading assets.


  • Striving to generate measurable social and environmental impact in addition to financial returns.
  • Investing with a focus on the core impact sectors of Energy and Environment, Healthcare, Community Development and Financial Empowerment.


Long-termed relationship with general partners will allow us to offer our investors access to often over-subscribed fund.

Invest Your Fund in Walexi to Reap Maximum Return .

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