Walexi is capitalizing on the business opportunity of energy minerals, mining, construction, and processing(beneficiation) of Lithium concentrate of a minimum of 6.0% Li2O, maximum of 0.5% Fe2O3 and Tin concentrate of 50-70% along with the extraction and mining of Columbite-Tantalite and other derivatives.

  • LITHIUM: This is applicable in the manufacture of Lithium-ion batteries, chemical, ceramic and glass, lubricating greezes, air treatment, primary aluminum production, continuous casting, rubber and thermoplastic and in pharmaceuticals.
  • TIN: Finds application in the manufacture of tin solder, it is used in electronic industries since it is not poisonous, unlike lead which was banned through the legislation imposed in 2006. Other industrial applications are in tin plate, specialized alloys like bronze, pewter, babbitt metals, electrical resistors and dielectric, pipe organs, window glass, collapsible tubes, bearing metals, negative electrodes, PVC stabilizers in the chemical application such as biocides, tin fluoride in dental care and Li-ion batteries.
  • COLUMBITE-TANTALITE: These are applicable in the manufacture of computer hardware, the capacitor in electronics, mobile telephones, DVD players, jet engines, aircraft components, and nuclear technology.
  • Other valuable minerals of concern are Manganese, Cobalt, Zircon sand, Industrial minerals( Mica, Feldspar, Kaolin, and Marble).


WALEXI is also a construction Company that is set to undertake both small construction and massive construction projects for governments, private sectors and for individuals, which is why we do not intend to place limitations on the scope of the projects we handle and what we do, it will make it easier for our brand to grow beyond Lagos to other parts of Nigeria and the rest of the world. Our business offering are listed below ;

  • Road Construction
  • Bridge¬†Construction
  • Dam Construction
  • Airports and Helipads Construction
  • Seaport Construction
  • Skyscrapers Construction
  • Estate Construction
  • Public facility¬†construction(hospitals,schools,shopping malls,office complexes and industrial facilities et-al)
  • Construction of residential facilities
  • Property makeover services
  • Construction consultancy and advisory services.