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The Company is committed to the highest stands of quality in everything it does. Consistent with this produces high quality products and value added associated products. As an important part of its commitment to quality, WALEXI will provide products and services which meet or exceed our customers expectation. In order to implement the above policy the Company shall ;

  • Improve its effectiveness in accordance with International Standard Organisation.
  • Control all of its processes to produce goods to the required standard.
  • Provide outstanding service to its customers at all times.
  • Train and develop its staff thereby enhancing their skills and competence to maintain and develop the quality systems.
  • Understand and practise the principles of Total Quality Management and continous process improvement.
  • Continue to administer the business to meet all of the Standard Organization requirement.

  • GEOLOGICAL MAPPING : Identify and outline the deposits at surface.
  • GEOLOGICAL SURVEYING : Delinate the deposit size and structure at depth.
  • SAMPLE ASSAYING : Conduct assays to define mineralogy ,composition and metallic associations of the deposit samples.
  • DRILLING : Further delinate the deposit at depth to verify its size, shape, structure and mineralogy.
  • CONCEPTUAL FLOWSHEET : Create a flowsheet that describes the most effective metallurgical process for treating the ore minerals.
  • SCOPING STUDY : Making a preliminary assessment of the project’s economic viability using information from the foregoing steps.
  • BENCH-SCALE TESTING : Test and confirm the metallurgical process at the scale of a laboratory bench using small ore samples.
  • PILOT STUDY : Confirm and refine the flow sheet and metallurgical process using larger or samples to stimulate a full-size mill.

FEASIBILITY STUDY : Confirm the economic viability of mine production under current market conditions, given the pilot study results and minerals resource estimate.


WALEXI’S policy is to conduct its activities in a manner which helps the conservation of the environment and prevents or minimise emmissions from the production process.In support of this policy the Company shall :

  • Comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation.
  • Discharge to the best of its ability its duty of care for the environment.
  • Provide education and training on environmental matters to its employees to raise their awareness of the environmental impacts of the Company’s activities.
  • Include an assessment of potential environmental impacts in the factors to be considered, before embarking on new business ventures or activities.
  • Continue to administer the business to meet all of the requirement of ISO14001.


WALEXI gives the highest priority to protecting the health and safety of its employees, its contractors, and all other persons who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities.The Company, not only complies with the requirement of the relevant legislation but is proactive in its efforts to improve its performance in the area of occupational health and safety. In following this policy the Company ;

  • Conducts its business in such a way as to avoid harming the health of its employees and others and to prevent injuries or accidents to people and property on its sites.
  • Works on the principle that all injuries are preventable, and encourages and enforces where necessary the high standards of safety awareness and discipline which observance of this principle demands.
  • Aims to instill the principles and practices of safety leadership into management employees and contractors alike.
  • Includes an assessment of health and safety in the key factors to be assessed before entering into new business ventures or activities.


WALEXI is very conscious of its responsibilities to the society and community at large. We have been undertaking community relations activities for years. These include promotion and support of the local community with primary education, religious and social functions. In order to enhance community relation we collaborate with the leaders to establish a community relations committee from local communities and WALEXI to help work together in harmony.


WALEXI has an occupational health and safety policy designed to eliminate injuries and accidents in the work place.

  • No employee or other person will be permitted to enter WALEXI’S work site while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The Company will provide training of all employees on the potential adverse effects of alcohol and drugs on mental alertness and physical performance in the work place.
  • The Company will encourage the responsible use of alcohol and medically prescribed drugs outside working hours.
  • The Company will introduce random testing for the presence of alcohol and drugs. This will only occur after full consultation with WALEXI’S employees and the union.
  • WALEXI will actively discourage the use or possession of illegal drugs or substances by employees. The Company fully supports the government’s aim to remove illegal drugs from the Country.


WALEXI’S minerals in Nigeria are not conflict minerals. Conflict minerals and metals ores are materials, which through their mining, production or supply have either knowingly or inadvertently been of benefit to illegal armed groups or are in anyway contributing to conflict or human right abuses. All such minerals are excluded from WALEXI’S supply chain. All WALEXI’S products are conflict free. Conflict areas cover the DRC and adjoining countries.

In particular, WALEXI’S policy to maintain conflict free status in the management of its supply chain is as follows;

  • The policy is to purchase materials only from reputable suppliers with whom long relationship have been established or on whom adequate due dilligence in terms of ‘know’ your supplier, protocols can be carried out. Suppliers may be as tin ore(Caseterite), crude or unrefined tin, COLTAN including that from LME warehouse, and a varieties of secondary or intermediate products.
  • In all cases, due diligence will be conducted on the supplier and supply chain to ensure that the supply is authentic, legitimate and does not in any way contribute to conflict or human right abuses.
  • WALEXI complies at all times with both national and international laws relating to conflict minerals, including UN Security Council Resolutions and the US Dold Frank Act.
  • WALEXI will always conform with OECD due diligence for responsible supply chains of minerals from conflict- Affected and High-Risk Areas, and the Conflict-Free Smelter Program(CFSP), Supply Chain Transparency Smelter Audit Protocol for Tin and Tantalum(Nov 2013).

WALEXI’S policy is to differentiate itself by offering its customers and trading partners conflict free metals and products, so that the final consumer in the supply chain can be confident that its products are produced from metals which are conflict free.


  • To trade in an ethical manner and strive to achieve industry best practice in everything we do and recognize that integrity should be the foundation of all our actions.
  • To strive to promote and improve the standards, image and reputation of the Company as a world leading mining, smelter, refiner and value to its mineral produce.
  • To provide the highest level of service and best quality minerals products to our customers.
  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, contractors and visitors.
  • To uphold the concepts of free enterprise and to acknowledge the importance of social contracts with communities in which we operate.
  • To act in accordance with current legislation in relation to sourcing of raw materials and the operation of our mining, smelting and refinery and to achieve industry best practice in environmental performance.
  • To cooperate with and support all stakeholders in our business in an effort to prevent unlawful practices.
  • To supply all products in accordance with acceptable international standard.
  • To earn the respect of our customers, suppliers, industry peers and all other stakeholders as a responsible and ethical member of the international mineral community.


The Company’s expertise in resources is continually being strengthened in all areas over the entire global supply chain covering geology, mining, mineral processing, smelting, marketing and resource management and financing.

WALEXI will pursue its growth strategy on its core business through strategic acquisition and organic growth where its core expertise, skills and capabilities can add value and make a difference particularly in increasing operating efficiencies, innovating products and services and forging global commercial and marketing networks to ensure its continued leadership position in the industry.

Investment opportunities will continue to be evaluated and the Group may in future decide to invest in selective projects that meet its investment criteria. Main emphasies will be on opportunities in region where the Country risks could be effectively managed and that the mines could be developed and operated with relatively lower cost structure.